Hey, a real question, submitted by a real person! …as opposed to a fake question submitted by me.

Gonna be out of town on Saturday. Maybe I’ll just skip the update? I’m about 1/3 through relettering those pages. I spent most of the weekend working on a surprise party I couldn’t tell anyone on the internet about until after the party was over!

[EDIT] No comic Saturday because I am visiting my Grandma. I feel no guilt!

[EDIT2] Hey, guys! I’m nearing the home stretch on getting PF v2 ready for print, and I didn’t want to mess with my momentum by stopping to draw even a cheap pencil comic, so I’ll do the next mailbag update on Saturday. Thanks for your patience! I can’t say Chapter Four will start before the end of May, but it’s not because I’m sitting here, twiddling my thumbs!