Hey, so you’ve probably noticed the site still looks funny. Rather, it looks like the default Comicpress color scheme. That’s because there’s a problem! And it appears the only solution is to sit down and edit everything bit by bit (as opposed to plugging CSS into a handy box and having everything instantly be pretty). I’ll try to get some basic edits taken care of tonight (like making the comic not squished), and the rest will have to wait until I have a good chunk of time to do it. This weekend, maybe?

In any case, there are three more pages left in this chapter, and then I am going on a two week vacation, so Chapter Five will start early January. To keep things from going dead around here, how about some PF Mailbag questions? Feel free to ask the characters questions via the comments, my tumblr (especially if you want to be anonymous), or email me at saramccardleblunk @ gmail.com (I haven’t tested my @prophecyfailed email yet), and they will probably answer (or at least address) them.

It’s past my bedtime! Goodnight.

[EDIT] What’s that about the site looking funny? Naw, it looks just fine. Just fine indeed.