…but it’s Felix’s fault for asking.

Technically, there are some exceptions to what she’s saying, but you don’t really want her to go off on a tangent. Or at least I don’t.

I wrote most of the dialogue on this page and all of the dialogue on the next page a couple of months ago. Yay for me!

I forgot that I’m going to a Tuesday-Thursday schedule for Chapter Two, so I don’t know when I’m posting the cover art! Maybe Tuesday. I’m about to get started on fleshing out Chapter Two beyond the basic stuff I want to cover, so hopefully things will go nicely.

[EDIT]: I just visited my ooooold, baaaad first webcomic for the first time in months, only to be greeted by a big 403 error. I don’t really know what’s going on (its domain doesn’t seem to exist anymore?), but I sure hope no one was interested in reading it, because I have pretty much no interest in exposing it to the internet again!

So I guess I don’t have much of a reason for making this post, other than to say don’t ask for it, because it’s not there anymore. I guess?