Okay, APE rundown, go!

Bought comics from these guys:
Evan Dahm, of whose inking I am totally envious
Dylan Meconis, who can do historical/supernatural stuff and be pretty awesome about it
(…and okay, I’m kind of poor and didn’t buy many comics)

Was a cool kid with these guys:
MythEdge Comics, who are getting some pretty neat stuff going
Frederick the Great, who are awesome because they write about European historical figures, which happen to be some of my favorite things
Paperlinks, who do this cool webzine every month and you should check it out/contribute to it because you want to be cool, too, right?

And thanks to everyone who stopped by to talk and look at things and everything!

Gosh, I hope I didn’t forget anyone. D:

Next up, SNAFU Con! I will be selling PF V1 there, so that’s your next chance to snag a copy!