About Prophecy Failed:
Prophecy Failed is a webcomic about a group of people whose original goal was to follow a prophecy to prevent the downfall and invasion of their country. Having failed that goal, they are now trying to take it back using the combined skills of an ex-soldier, a foreigner, a bard, a wayward prince, and a little girl who dreams the future.

PF is kind of a personal project fueled by things that interest me, i.e., a fantasy land almost completely devoid of fantastical things, conspiracies, history, utterly nice people, jerks, et cetera. I’ve always written pretty much for my own entertainment, but I am terrible at self-motivation, and so I decided the best way to get the story into a format to share it with other people would be to turn it into a webcomic. That way, I could take the entire story one page at a time and not get overwhelmed trying to do it all at once.

I had the vaguest idea for PF sitting around for some time before I actually started getting the world and characters together. I started fleshing it out in 2007, and it debuted on the internet in June or July of 2009. As for the the future, only time will tell.

Or will it?

Only time will tell.

About the Author:

Sara McCardle-Blunk grew up in rural California, where there isn’t much to do other than make up stories about people who don’t exist. And play video games. She also likes science, history, books, and other things, but does not like The Doors. She currently lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with a cat.

You can find her general art portfolio here.

Email: saramccardleblunk@gmail.com