End of Chapter One! Not terribly dramatic, but it is the intro chapter.

The cover for Chapter Two goes up Thursday (IwilldothisIwilldothis), and so the chapter officially starts next Tuesday. Two comics a week means I have time to do other things like draw other comics and draw pictures and do things that are not working on the next PF page. I kind of get draw-ed out updating three times a week.
(I might change the schedule to Tuesday-Saturday, though.)

In any case, questions and comments are always appreciated, and I’m even considering adding an “Ask the Characters” page, though I’m wondering if it might be too early for that.

I’ll also see about adding to the characters page.

[EDIT]: Hey, so it seems like the site doesn’t want to load every once in a while? If the site’s down or something and you’re looking for answers, the quickest and easiest way to find out anything is probably by going to my twitter, because I can post there with minimal interruption to people who don’t actually care. (You don’t have to follow it or anything; I usually just use it to talk at myself.)