Sun Spinning Studios
Artist’s Alley tables 151-153
I’ll be there pretty much the entire time Artist’s Alley is open

So this is the cover for the next volume of Prophecy Failed, which will be available for purchase (along with Volume One!) at Fanime starting this Friday! They’re about 100 pages long, encompass chapters two and three (sans side stories, sadly, but more about that in a minute), and are selling for $12 each. After Fanime, I’ll add them to the store.

This is the last volume I’ll have to put a great amount of effort into getting ready for print, so all subsequent volumes should have extra content. I just didn’t have the time to pull anything together for this one. (The sad part is, there’s probably going to be a year between volumes from here on out.)

Looking forward, I hope to launch Chapter Four in a week! I know exactly how I want to start it (I know exactly how I want to do most of the chapter, in fact), but I just don’t have the time to juggle Fanime and a comic. Thanks for your patience!