So I fully intended to make a comic page for today’s update. I planned to make it right after I finished getting PF Volume 1 ready for printing. This was before I discovered every page going into the compilation needed to be completely relettered! Being as there are nearly 100 pages going into this, it is a lot of work. Jan is helping! (Thanks, Jan! D:) But it is kind of a massive undertaking and it’s pretty miserable work. It’s also completely my own fault!

But anyways, I will have a comic for Saturday, which is also the first day of APE (Sleeper Entertainment table! Come find us!), and things will hopefully even out after that. Believe me, I’d much rather be drawing a comic!

Until then, this is the cover for volume one! I quite like it.

[EDIT] Okay, PF Volume 1 is off at the printers, so barring any unforeseen thing that is probably out of my hands by now, they will be on sale at APE for probably $12 a pop. It’s a super-duper limited run– only 30 copies, because I am paying for this out of pocket– but I’m not really expecting to sell out, so any extras will be available at SNAFU Con. I’ll look into online orders after that? I’m not really set up for this sort of thing! But anyways, that’s that, and I’ll have a comic ready for Saturday.