Intro for the Prophecy Failed mailbag! Still accepting questions/comments/whatever for the characters to read!

Sorry about a cheap pencil comic, but I’m actually working pretty hard! I have about 40 pages of comic to completely relettered for printing Volume Two; you may recall my having to do this about six months ago. I thankfully don’t have to do as many pages this time (I learned my lesson and started lettering the hi-res files at the beginning of Chapter Three), and I have a lot more time to get everything together, but it’s still a lot of work. I also have to make a cover, a character profile page, and maybe a few extra things, if I have time.

I also have to do a cover for Chapter Four, and final preparations for Fanime. It’s a really busy month for me! I’m hoping to start Chapter Four before then, but I want to at least have Volume Two ready first.

So bear with me, please! I’ll do my best to keep things from stagnating here.