OKAY SO it’s been a while, and I’ve got a bunch of stuff to cover, so have a seat at the computer you’re might be already sitting at. If you’re on your phone, lean against something nearby to look cool.

-As of today, PF should be back on its regular schedule. Pages for this week and next are finished, and while I’m still busy, I’ve got it worked out enough that I can keep up with it.

-I’m gonna be at KrakenCon in April! I’ll have more details later, when they’re not buried in the textwall of this newspost. I’ve also submitted an application for Fanime, but I haven’t heard back yet. (Don’t hold your breath.)

-The big thing, which I announced on tumblr a few weeks ago and haven’t had to the chance to bring up here: I’m not going to produce any more print volumes of PF in the way I’ve been doing for the past few years. They don’t sell well at conventions, especially when you add in having to bring multiple copies of each volume, multiplied by the total number of volume, they take up a lot of space, on the table, under the table, in the car, in my apartment, etc., combined with the cost of printing the physical copies, adds up to a whole lot of Not Worth It. Online sales are also pretty terrible, so I don’t have any personal interest in producing a volume and just selling it through the webstore.

I’m going to make a couple omnibuses, but not until the comic’s finished, since I don’t have an idea of what the final page count is going to be.

I’m still fully committed to PF as a webcomic; it’s always been a personal project I’ve been doing page by page and putting it online as a means to make it without getting intimidated by the enormity of it.