Hey, guys! I know some of you visit me at the Artist’s Alley at Fanime every year, but this year will be different, as I didn’t get in. I can’t fathom waiting nine hours in line for a convention I’m not tabling at, so I’m going to do something else that weekend. This means a few other things:

-I’ve been timing the volume releases so that there’s a new one for every Fanime. While I still plan on releasing the next one, I don’t need to fret over getting it ready for a deadline that no longer exists.

-I was kinda really hoping to put profits from Fanime towards a new computer, as my current one is starting to get up there in age. I’m probably gonna add a tip jar to the site, and consider selling original pages. Maybe I’ll open an online print shop and sell digital commissions.

-The next conventions I’m looking at aren’t until October, so I’ll see if there are other Bay Area cons during the summer that haven’t filled up yet.

-Whatever happens, I’m going on vacation the first week of June. I’ll see that updates are affected as little as possible.