I seriously considered using the phrase, “Would you kindly,” but thought that might be too self-indulgent.

So Fanime is next week, and while I haven’t taken the typical month or so off that I usually wind up doing, I think this is the spot where I’m going to say I’m taking a break from updating so I can be fully prepared. I’ve penciled next week’s pages, fully intending to update all the way up to the start of the convention, but I’ve got a few days (hours, really, since I still work full time) left to get ready and I can either finish some art pieces or I can get next week’s pages done.

So I’m taking next week and the week after off, and then I’ll post the pages I’ve started and maybe a couple more right after. I’m not promising a week with four new pages, buuuuut there’s a chance I can pull that off. After Fanime.

And after that, I think I have some family business going on that’ll probably result in a missed update or two, buuuuuut I’m not going to worry about that yet.

[POST-FANIME EDIT:] Thank you to everyone who stopped by! Prophecy Failed will resume on Saturday, June 1.