So I worked on comics most of the weekend with the intent of working at an accelerated schedule– make three pages a week, but keep posting only two– to increase my chances of finishing this chapter in time for Fanime, but as I contemplated devoting all of my lunch breaks and half my weekends for the next three months to my comic, good golly, that seems really unappealing and I don’t really want to do it. I’ve maintained the notion that two pages a week is about all I can really handle while working full time, and even though I’ve pulled three off recently, I don’t necessarily want to keep doing it. Also it’s really hard to keep writing the comic when I’m spending all my time drawing it.

Anyways, I’m still aiming to make Volume Three for Fanime, and I’m still aiming for it to be roughly 100 pages long (like the other two), so I’m exploring my options. Neither of the existing side stories have appeared in print, and I’ve got a good idea for another, which might be a print-exclusive thing.

Or maybe I’ll finish the chapter in time! I really don’t know at this point.