I managed to keep the comic going the entire time I was away, only to drop the ball when I get home! In my defense, I was working pretty much the whole time I was gone. Honest to goodness work! And I didn’t have my normal comic facilities. And, well, I could keep piling on excuses, but you get the idea.

Starting tomorrow (today), I’ll get things moving again, including some character art for Shirley and Jeremy. You can see it in the photo I’ve posted of some of the stuff I drew!

Anyways, here are some highlights/lowlights from Fanime:
-Once we got to register, things went smoothly
-Stayed up until 3:30 in the morning making buttons (and I was the first one to go to sleep D:)
-Got up at 7 to register for Artist’s Alley
-Short AA registration line!
-Was virtually asleep all day until I caved and got some ice cream
-Got actual sleep that night
-No one terribly strange!
-Fun commissions! (The best kind!)
-The sushi place we went to turned us away, saying they were closing. But they didn’t close for another hour at least! (We think they actually didn’t want more large groups of people in costumes.)
-So the Thai place next door took us in as their last customers.
-Someone bought my Pizza Cat drawing!
-Some of the other AA sellers apparently didn’t want to take some of their merchandise home, so they just started throwing it into the crowd (I got a stuffed rupee!)
-Some fellow artists were incredibly nice!
-Some were kind of obnoxious!

Uhhh, that’s a good enough list, right? Right.