The comic’s a lot later than I wanted it to be, but I’m glad I’m starting to get things back on track. Things should be completely normal again by Wednesday.

SacAnime was kind of a let down. They decided to put half of Artist’s Alley in a small alcove, crammed with as many tables as they could fit, which was four. There was very little room behind the tables, and each artist (or group) of artists was assigned half a table, granting them about four feet of space. Most spaces were shared by more than one artist (in my case, three people representing six or so artists), and there was really no room to do anything. (My group lucked out because the people we shared our table with never showed up.) The alcove couldn’t hold more than twenty standing people, and was very hard to get in an out of. Any time we left our table, we had to fight our way out and back.
The biggest issue, though, was the lighting. Or rather, the lack thereof. The alcove had a couple of weak spotlights, but most of the actual light was provided by a single floorlamp, which someone had brought in. Putting people who are trying to make money via selling visual media in a room where you can only see well if you’re about five feet from the lamp is absolutely appalling.

$60 for what we got is a complete ripoff.

Another issue was an apparent lack of communication amongst the staff. When we asked where the head of Artist’s Alley was, so we could confirm where our space was, we were sent to the game room. The people there had no idea what we were talking about. Later, the registration desk sent people looking for the person running the art contest to Artist’s Alley. I’m sorry, I have no idea who Katie is, and I can’t tell you where the art contest is.

I kind of also want to rant about proper Artist’s Alley etiquette, but most of the people we talked to were pretty nice, so I’ll just say that taking pictures of someone’s art is pretty much stealing (we’re trying to sell our art; if you want to show something to your friends, buy it and show it to them that way), and for the love of all things holy, don’t eat over the merchandise. I don’t want to have to clean your ice cream drips off the display.

In short, unless they make some drastic improvements to the facilities for artists, or at the very least, it’s very unlikely I’ll be selling anything at SacAnime again.