A couple of things:

-Starting next week, going back to one page a week updates for the rest of December and probably the first week of January. I looked at my buffer and it’s gonna take a pretty hard hit if I don’t slow down a bit.

Here are the rules, please read them!
-Be nice
-Let the shippers ship
-Comments sections will be locked one week after the page is posted, to prevent spam
-Bear in mind the comments sections here have never been very active, so discussion might be hard to come by, and nonconstructive criticism is going to stick out a lot more
-Keeping this in mind, I’m only going to respond to questions/comments specifically directed towards me
-Process questions are 100% okay and welcomed at any time
-I’d like to do a(n almost) no-holds-barred Q&A at the very end, so maybe save the plot questions for then
-Finally, I reserve the right to turn comments off again if I want to
-Have fun!